Utah School Board Sued Over Common Core

August 1, 2014

Common CoreSALT LAKE CITY — The State School Board violated Utah law by adopting the Common Core State Standards without substantive input from parents and educators, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Libertas Institute. The suit includes six educators and parents as plaintiffs who allege they were denied an opportunity to be consulted prior to the Common Core’s adoption, and seeks an order barring further implementation of the education standards. Common Core is a series of Federally Mandated educational standards that outline the minimum skills in math and English that students should master at each grade level. But the standards have also been dogged by controversy, resulting in a number of states withdrawing or considering a withdrawal from the standards as critics point to failures in implementation and concerns of creeping federal intrusion into local control.

Gov. Gary Herbert recently asked the Utah Attorney General’s Office to review the state’s obligations under the Common Core, saying he wished to settle the question of local control “once and for all.”


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