Utah Joins 16 Other States in Immigration Order Suit

(Salt Lake City Utah)- Utah is joining 16 other states, led by Texas, in challenging the legality of President Barack Obama’s recent executive orders aimed at giving deportation relief to millions living in the country illegally. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes says: “This lawsuit is not about immigration policy,” He adds: “The process is what is being challenged. The process is not legal. Regardless of how you feel about the policy, it does not justify implementation in an unconstitutional manner.” Reyes, a Republican, contends that it is up to Congress to change immigration law and the president cannot do it unilaterally. Reyes notified Gov. Gary Herbert that he planned to join the Texas lawsuit, according to Herbert’s spokesman, Marty Carpenter. While the governor is frustrated with the lack of progress on immigration reform, Carpenter said, he also disagrees with the president acting on his own.Utah Capitol

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