Utah Firm Settles Wastewater Fine on Moab Area Project

August 8, 2014

Danish Flats(Moab Utah)-A company operating an oil and gas wastewater disposal facility in Grand County has agreed to pay a $50,000 fine to resolve allegations that it built and operated evaporation ponds without getting permits from the Utah Division of Air Quality. Danish Flats Environmental Services’ Cisco Evaporation Ponds were at the center of a controversy five years ago when Grand County authorities fined the company for expanding its operations without county approval.
The Air Quality Board on Wednesday approved the “early settlement” with the Colorado-based firm, after state regulators put the firm on notice it had ignored permitting requirements under the federal Clean Air Act and state law. The company operates north of Cisco, a few miles from the Colorado state line on Interstate 70. It takes hydrocarbon-laced, brackish water produced from oil and gas wells.
Although there are about 15 evaporation pond complexes in the booming Uinta Basin, Danish Flats is the only one in the southern part of Utah. The Cisco facility began operations with eight ponds in 2008 and expanded to 14 the next year as it struggled to handle a deluge of water, 5.3 million barrels in 2009.

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