Utah AG Given Complaint Against Council Chair

96O1_04_LynnJackson-253x300(Moab Utah)- A complaint filed by a former county councilmember and candidate this year for another council seat, against Grand County Council Chairman Lynn Jackson is under consideration by the Utah Attorney General’s office. Although a spokesperson in that office says she has no direct knowledge of any investigation…adding that such requests are usually referred to screening team.  Candidate Chris Baird made the charge that Jackson illegally filled in for Councilmember Ballentine at a Canyonlands Health Care Special district meeting in April, something Baird alleges is illegal. The chairman of that board, Doug Fix, told the Moab Times Independent that the charge is false, that Jackson, while at the meeting, did not and was not allowed to participate in any vote. The issue actually is an outgrowth of local environmentalists position that Grand County is rushing into membership on a prosed 7 county coalition.  The issue has sparked numerous letters to the editor in both local papers. The County is schedule a public information meeting on the proposal later this month.

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