Skywest to Pull Out of Moab

November 19, 2014

SkyWest(Moab Utah)-SkyWest, Tuesday, announced fleet transitions and contract updates designed to improve SkyWest’s overall efficiency and long-term profitability. Specifically, SkyWest announced that it intends to transition to an all-jet fleet by removing all remaining 30-seat Embraer 120 Brasilia turboprop aircraft (the “EMB 120s”) from service by summer 2015. At the same time, Skywest announced to Moab Airport Manager Judd Hill that they had made a decision to end service from Salt Lake City to Moab, effective April 30th 2015, because the Moab Airport cannot  handle the new jets. Hill says, with this announcement by SkyWest, we will lose them as our Essential Air Service (EAS) provider next spring, before the end of their two-year contract. We (Grand County) will immediately begin negotiations with the F.A.A. to establish a new EAS provider so that we can maintain daily commercial air service between Moab and a large airport hub in the intermountain region after SkyWest stops service. The next two-year EAS contract provider will ideally begin service in May 2015 and provide air service using turbo-prop aircraft. Hill also points out that Grand County is moving forward with accelerating airport improvement plans.

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