San Juan County Puts BLM On Notice

June 3, 2014
Courtesy "The Petroglyph"

Courtesy “The Petroglyph”

(Monticello Utah)(Photo by “The Petroglyph”) The San Juan County Commission, Monday, on a 2 to 1 vote, approved a County Resolution asserting jurisdiction over, “the public right-of-way roads and trails in the county, including Recapture Trail and Indian Creek” Both have been closed by the BLM for years with promises from the Federal agency to work with the County on a management plan to reopen them.  So far, no progress in working with county appears to have occurred.   The resolution points out that: “San Juan County desires to protect its valid right-of-way while, at the same time, protecting archeological sites from damage or further damage.” Commission Chairman, Bruce Adams says the county and its citizens are frustrated.

(Audio-Adams 1)

Commissioners Phil Lyman and Bruce Adams, who voted for the measure, say they understand and respect Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy’s vote again the resolution. Maryboy stated that he favors closed protection of possible Native American Burial sites. He said opening the areas disturbs sacred burial sites.

Lyman, who proposed the resolution, says it not about ATVS but is about BLM overreach and stubbornness:

(Audio Lyman 1)

The resolution also says the County is willing to keep recapture canyon east of Blanding, closed for 60 day, during which time the county will determine it future use and routing.  The toughly worded resolution will be delivered to the BLM in the next few days.

(Photo Courtesy The Petroglyph)

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