San Juan Commission Considers Recapture Resolution

May 28, 2014

San Juan Commission(Monticello Utah) San County Commission chamber were full yesterday morning as the Commission discussed a proposed resolution by Commission Phil Lyman, taking the BLM to task for failure to act in several years on the County’s request to complete a study and re-open Recapture ATV Trail east of Blanding. Citizens want the commission to support the people and protect individual rights. They also want the county to use law suits to protect individual rights in the county. Former County Commission Bill Redd, told the Commission:

(Audio. Outcue “not capitulate”

The Commission may make some adjustments to the four page resolution and act on it next week. The resolution says the BLM acted contrary to pubic law in closing the route but the county is willing to close the trail for another 90 days, IF the BLM works with the County on route alternatives in the trail area. (Thanks to the San Juan County on line publication, “The Petroglyph” for help on the story and providing audio.)


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