Romney To Run Again????

RomneySALT LAKE CITY — Will Mitt Romney run for President in 2016? A close confidante tells Fox News 13 in Salt lake, the Republican is eyeing the White House yet again. Romney’s long-time advisor, former chairman and general counsel of Romney’s leaderships PACs Kirk Jowers, said the Republican is considering it. Romney’s long-time adviser believes a 2016 bid depends on who throws their hat in the ring. Speculation is Texas Senator Ted Cruz or former Florida governor Jeb Bush, among others.

Jowers says the real question is which candidate will have a shot against a political juggernaut like Hillary Clinton?

Another long time Romney friend, Kem Gardner,  agrees, telling the Deseret News and KSL, “I know exactly what Mitt’s going to do.” Gardner, a real estate developer who helped bring Romney to Utah to lead the 2002 Winter Olympics, adds,  “I think over the next few months, a lot of things will happen.”

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