Record Setting Downpour, Minor Flash Flooding, Damage in Moab.

(Moab Utah)-A heavy downpour in Moab about 4pm yesterday afternoon, sent creeks out of their banks, mud cascading across south Main Street at 4th East, uprooted trees in Spanish Valley, trapped hikers near the power dam and briefly closed highway 128.  Emergency services and road crews were busy Thursday afternoon when 49 hundredths of an inch of rain poured out of the skies over the Moab area.  That is record for rain on 9th of July in Moab. Winds with the storm uprooted a tree in Spanish Valley, narrowly missing a home when it came down.  Several persons were trapped on the other side of Mill Creek at the Power House Dam area. They safely got out when the water receded. Road crews spent a couple of hours cleaning up highway 191 and roads nearby when mud rushed down into the 191 and 4th east area. Several businesses reported an inch or more of water in their business in the area.

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