Recapture Defense Attorneys want Judge Disqualified

recapture ride(SALT LAKE CITY)(KCYN-KCPX) Defense attorneys in the Recapture Canyon case want Judge Robert Shelby dismissed because of alleged ties to an activist environmental group. San Juan County Commissioner, Phil Lyman was convicted in federal court for leading a protest ride up a closed portion of Recapture Canyon last year. The motion filed by Lyman’s attorneys says Lyman’s prosecution was strongly urged by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. SUWA supports the  closing of Recapture Canyon to all off-road vehicles. The group’s director, Steven Bloch, attended the entire trial for Lyman and his co-defendants. Bloch is also friends with Judge Shelby and his family according to disclosure made by Judge Shelby in an unrelated. civil case. The judge, in that case, said quote: JUDGE SHELBY: I just wanted to start with a disclosure, Steve Bloch, on behalf of SUWA, Steve Bloch and his wife Kara are friends of mine and have been for a long, long time. I practiced with Kara at Snow Christensen starting in 1999. My wife and I have socialized with the two of them since that time, we continue to socialize. My son is close friends with Steve’s son, they play on the same soccer team, in the same school class. We have dinner, are couples together and with other friends not infrequently. I don’t hear any cases in which Steve appears, he had not entered an appearance and still has not, I don’t think, in Kane County. I was unaware until this weekend that Steve had entered appearances in any of the roads cases. I thought about it over the weekend, and my view is that I needed to make disclosure about that, but I don’t recuse from any matters involving SUWA. I don’t think I know anyone else that works at SUWA. If I do, I don’t know who they are. And so long as Mr. Bloch’s not involved in our case, I intend to remain in the case, but I wanted to make that disclosure. According to court documents, “no such disclosure” was made to Lyman or his attorneys.

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