Protesters Set Up Camp at Tar Sands Site

June 5, 2014

Tar Sands Protest(Moab Utah)About 20 protesters have set up camp at an oil sands operation in the Book Cliffs at PR Springs. U.S. Oil Sands was scheduled to begin mining this summer on school trust lands, where workers have dug a test pit. Utah Tar Sands Resistance says such operations pose risks to wildlife and to water supplies used for drinking and irrigation. State regulators and the company have insisted the eastern Utah desert is so dry there is little groundwater to pollute. The company leases 50 square miles of Utah trust lands dotted with gooey bitumen, a tar-like form of petroleum. On their website,

The protestors say this is the beginning of a permanent protest effort. Several loosely related environmental groups are said to be involved including, “Living Rivers, “Canyon Country Rising Tide” and “Utah Tar Sands Resistance

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