Proposed Nuke Power Plant Moves Another Step Forward

August 22, 2014

GetTheFacts-bluecastle(3)(Green River Utah)- Blue Castle Holdings , a firm seeking to bring nuclear power to Utah has reached an agreement with Westinghouse Electric Co. to design and build a 1,500-megawatt plant in Emery County. The company on Wednesday announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding that commits the company to Westinghouse’s AP1000, a pressurized water reactor the company is constructing at four other sites around the world, including two U.S. plant expansions. This model is known for its “passive” safety systems, designed to shut the plant down in the event of a problem. The two-unit generating station would stand on Utah state trust land outside of Green River. The project, spearheaded by former Utah Rep. Aaron Tilton, has a long way to go before it spins kilowatts into the grid, but Tilton characterized the agreement as an important step to move the project forward.

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