President Eyring At Marriage Conference in Rome

pope-eyering(Rome, Italy)Monday marked a history occasion, it was the first time a leader from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with Pope Francis at the Vatican — at least as far as anyone can remember. The meeting was only part of Henry B. Eyring’s visit to Rome to attention an interdenominational conference on marriage, at which he is to speak, today.

Eyring joins a diverse group of academics and faith leaders, including a close friend of the LDS Church, Princeton professor Robert George. (

“It’s time for all of the religions to stand up and bare witness and say really enough is enough. We are not going to let the marriage culture erode any further,” George said.

Also attending the conference are Quorum of The 12 member, Elder L. Tom Perry and Bishop John Cosak and their wives.

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