Powerball Winner in Rifle Colorado

August 11, 2014

Powerball-Kum-Go-Winner(Rifle Colorado)-The eighth Powerball jackpot winner of 2014 bought a ticket for the August 9 drawing at a Kum & Go store in the tiny town of Rifle in western Colorado. The jackpot could be worth up to $90 million if the Kum & Go Powerball player chooses to take the cash in 30 annual installments, which would average $3 million each. The Powerball jackpot winner was sold at the Kum & Go franchise location at 120 East 26th St. in Rifle. While the identity of the Powerball winner is not yet known, the store itself is in line for a $50,000 bonus from the Colorado Lottery Commission for dispensing the winning Powerball ticket.

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