Poll Says Most in West Do Not Support Fed Land Transfer

Capitol Reef(Salt Lake City Utah)- A poll, which some Utahn’s say is highly suspect because of the organization that conducted it, shows Utah is the only state in the west where voters want to take over federal lands. While many westerners may view their state governments more favorably than they view the feds, a majority oppose transferring public lands to the states. The survey was released Thursday by the Center for American Progress, a leftist leaning, liberal think tank. According to their poll, By a 52-42 margin, residents of eight intermountain states said they opposed taking over federal lands in their states, despite their frustrations with federal government gridlock.

In Utah however, those numbers are flipped, with 52 percent of those polled supporting the idea of a transfer and 40 percent opposed. The idea is popular among conservatives and enshrined in a Utah law demanding the federal government hand over 30 million acres by the end of this year.

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