Petition Seeks to Unseat Jackson

August 28, 2014

(Moab Utah)- A petition drive is underway in Grand County to seek a recall election to remove Grand County Council Chairman Lynn Jackson. The drive is led by former councilman Chris Baird, who is running for another council seat this next term. The petition seeks to have the county clerk put a recall advisory question on the ballot this November.  At least 588 signatures are required by 5pm September 7th.   Those seeking folks to sign the petition, set up shop outside one downtown business recently and were asked to leave. Political observers say those who are pushing the petition drive are mostly from Moab’s environmental community and fear Jackson’s push for joining a 7 county coalition is an end run to push more diverse development in Grand County, impacting the pristine quality of Federal and State lands in the area. They accuse Jackson of running roughshod over attempt at making public comments in recent meetings. Jackson, in a letter to the Moab Sun Newspaper says intends to retain his seat. Some observers say that the silent majority, perhaps a majority of Grand County Voters, need to make their voices known.96O1_04_LynnJackson-253x300

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