Health Officials Concerned About Rising Number Of Unvaccinated Kids

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  Health officials around Utah are becoming concerned about the rising number of unvaccinated children.  Doctors with the Salt Lake County Health Department say children who can’t be immunized due to allergies or other medical reasons depend on other children getting vaccinated to protect their health.  Nearly 30-thousand students in Utah schools did not get vaccinated last year.  Most parents who opted-out of the shots said it was for personal rather than medical reasons.

Environmentalists Take Feds To Court Over Oil And Gas Leases

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  Activists take the legal route in an attempt to stop oil and gas exploration on public lands in Utah.  The lawsuit filed yesterday by two environmentalist groups calls on the Interior Department to rescind current leases and to not issue any more.  Nearly 400 leases covering close to four-thousand acres of public land in Utah and two other western states are included in the suit.  

Park Service Looking For Input On Powell Ferry

Lake_Powell_Map(Lake Powell, UT)  —  The National Park Service is looking for public comment on proposals to keep the ferry operating between Bullfrog and Halls Crossing in Lake Powell.  The state is proposing extending access roads and improving ferry ramps to reach the falling water line.  The costs for ramp improvements and upgrades to the ferry are estimated at more than two-million dollars.  Comments can be submitted to

More Campers Leaving Burning Fires

Fire_campfire(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  Forest Service officials are concerned about the increase of abandoned campfires found in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  Firefighters say they’ve found more than 200 abandoned campfires and more than 50 fires that have escaped fire pits so far this fire season.  They urge campers to be extra careful when selecting fire pits and to douse fires with water to the point of being cold to the touch before leaving.

Rabid Bats Found In UT County

180px-Bat_shadow_black_svg(Utah County, UT)  —  Health officials are warning people in Utah County to avoid wild animals after confirming two cases of humans exposed to rabies.  That’s after identifying the virus found in two bats tested in the area.  They urge anyone coming in contact with a bat not to touch, hit or destroy it.  You should also call the animal control to have the bat tested.  People can be infected with rabies if they are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal.    

UT Students Performing Better In Math, Science

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  School kids in Utah are performing better in science and math, but about the same in English.  New data from SAGE test results compiled by the state Board of Education shows math proficiency for grades three through 12 this year increased from 45 to 47 percent.  For science, it was up from 47 to 49 percent.  Language Arts proficiency showed no improvement at 44 percent.  

Two Teens Dead In Head-On Crash

(Eagle Mountain, UT) — A couple of teens are dead from a head-on car crash in Eagle Mountain. Police say a Ford truck drifted over the center lane on SR-73 and crashed into a Ford Focus overnight. Two 18-year-old’s inside the Ford Focus were killed on impact, despite wearing seat belts. The truck driver survived with only a minor head injury. Officers say there’s no evidence of drugs or alcohol involved.

Poll: Summer Olympics More Popular Than Winter

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  A new poll shows that people are more interested in the Summer Olympics than Winter Olympics.  According to K-S-L-T-V, 72-percent of voters prefer the Summer games.  Gymnastics, swimming and beach volleyball were voted the top three most popular sports to watch.  More than six-thousand people participated in the poll, in the midst of the Rio Summer Olympics.  

Blood Test Determines Pre-term Delivery

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  Health officials say a Salt Lake City company created a test that can determine early delivery.  Sera Prognostics says they can predict the chance of a pre-term delivery based off of protein in the blood.  The women’s healthcare company tests expectant mother’s blood around the 20th week of pregnancy.  Last year, the state of Utah had a pre-term birth rate of nearly ten percent.