New Poll Shows Utahan’s Oppose Greater Canyonlands By Narrow Margin

October 8, 2014

Grand Canyon(Salt Lake Utah)_ In a poll commissioned by Zions Bank, a slim majority of Utahns are opposed to expanding Canyonlands National Park. The survey released Tuesday by concluded 56 percent of Utah voters polled do not want President Barack Obama to designate a Greater Canyonlands National Monument before he leaves office. But environmentalists who have been pushing the idea for years say Utah Policy’s poll is flawed. Mark Clemens, Utah Sierra Club chapter manager, said the nonpartisan website’s poll runs counter to decades of polling about expanding Canyonlands. He says,

“People vote with their feet — in their campers and their tents. They go to — and love — their public lands,” Utah Policy’s poll also found 54 percent of Utah residents would support filing a suit to take over Bureau of Land Management lands. Nearly two in three, 60 percent of Utahns, want the state to take control of the lands, and 53 percent said the state would be the best manager of those lands.

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