More on BLM Blanding Protest

Fedexcrash(Blanding Utah)- More, behind the scenes, information is starting the surface about the real back ground of last week’s ATV ride protest in Blanding. In an on line publication known at the Guerilla Media Network, radio talk show host Peter Santilli, details some of the background that the mainstream media did not report. Santilli alledges that BLM Law Enforcement Tactics, like the Bundy Ranch incident, are no stranger to Blanding Residents. Santilli says Blanding was target a few years ago of 125 armed BLM Agents, in the infamous pottery raids, led by the same BLM Law Enforcement Supervisor, Special Agent Dan Love…who also led the BLM at the Bundy Ranch. The full story can be found at the wewbsite; “before its news dot com”

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