Moab Regional Hospital Talks with Blue Cross Cease

(Moab Utah)- In an on-line posting late yesterday Moab Regional Hospital reported that talks with Utah Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield for renewal of MRH’s status as an in network provider, have broken off.  A SPOKESMAN FOR Blue Cross, Lou Ripple confirmed that late yesterday afternoon for KCYN-KCPX.  But ripple maintains that it was MRH that ended the talks, not Blue Cross. Ripple told KCYN-KCPX that quote, “…absolutely, the door is still open” to further talks. He added, “there is still room to come together” on the issue of levels of re-imbursement.  In a letter to Blue Cross Customers, dated November 28th, the firms says the two sides, quote, “have been unable to reach agreement on the rates of reimbursement for services.” The letter continues, quote “The reimbursement requested by the hospital is significantly higher than prices for the same services available from other community providers.” The deadline for reaching an agreement is the end of this month.MRH

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