Moab Man Cuts Deal on Dino Track Theft

July 10, 2014

EhlersSALT LAKE CITY  — A 35-year-old Moab area man, Jared Ehlers, accused of stealing a fossilized dinosaur footprint admitted in federal court Wednesday to stealing the fossil and throwing it in the Colorado River. He cut a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to one count of removing a paleontological resource, and federal prosecutors agreed to drop three others charges of theft and damage to government property. The agreement calls for Ehlers to serve one year of probation with six months under house arrest. It also requires him to pay $15,000 in restitution. That sentence could be approved or changed by a federal judge when Ehlers is sentenced on Oct. 20.

Ehlers’ attorney, Tara Isaacson, said in federal court in Salt Lake City on Wednesday afternoon that her client was remorseful and admits “he made a terrible decision.”

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