Meet The Mormons Previewed

September 26, 2014

carolina-munoz-marin-kickboxingSANDY — Hundreds of people gathered at Jordan Commons, in Sandy, Thursday to get a sneak peek of “Meet the Mormons,” a documentary about six Latter-day Saints and their families who are from different areas of the world. Filmmaker Blair Treu has hosted preview screenings around the country for the past couple of months, gauging the reactions from the different audiences. He says the feedback was extremely positive. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is launching the documentary in Utah on Oct. 7 and in 200 theaters in other areas of the United States Oct. 10. If it does well, it will be screened in additional theaters in other cities. LDS Church leaders asked the Hollywood filmmaker to create a movie capturing the day-to-day lives and faith of church members from various areas of the world.

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