Liquor Law Changes and Impacts

bar(Salt Lake City-Snowbird) After a big brew ha ha over the potential for an “Oktoberfest without beer,” Utah’s Department of Alchoholic Beverage control is making changes to its rules for festival alcohol permits. DABC has asked for input from cities across the state about community events and festivals. The DABC is asking for local officials to have more involvement in granting or denying single-event permits. Earlier this year there was renewed scrutiny by the DABC on what qualifies for a permit. The DABC’s decisions provoked a public and political backlash when Snowbird raised concerns its decades-old tradition of Oktoberfest might not qualify for a liquor permit. Snowbird, eventually did get a permit. The DABC has said it follows the laws passed by the legislature, but is reviewing its single-event permit policies. Public comment will also be taken before any rule changes are made.

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