Lighting Sparks Fire on Abajo Mountain

Tanker Drop Gold Queen

Courtesy San Juan Record

Pewtroglyph Pic of Tanker Drop

Courtesy The Petroglyph

(Monticello Utah)- The San Juan Record and The Petroglyph News Service Report a lighting strike hit northeast of Abajo Peak Sunday around 2:00 PM in the Gold Queen Gulch area, west of Monticello. Abajo Peak is key communication site for a number of agencies and private companies in southeastern Utah.  At this time the communication site is not threatened.  The fire is estimated to have burned 6 to 10 Acres of a grassy area on the hill side.  The fire is traveling northwesterly up the ridge towards a tree line.  Crews are on the scene and slurry bombing aircraft have made drops on the fire.

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