LDS General Conference Tech Savy

SLC TempleSALT LAKE CITY — General conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this weekend, is a time for members to come together and learn about their faith. It is also seen as a time to connect with other members and share messages from the conference, often over social media. For members who are looking to connect or share lessons they learned during or after the conference, there are many avenues to do so on social media. If you’re looking for related resources or an official source to share, the LDS Church has accounts on all major social media platforms. Follow the church’s Instagram account for those Ensign Magazine-worthy photographs of conference. For real-time updates, quotes and graphics from the conference, follow the church’s Twitter account. Those interested in reviewing their favorite talks can find direct links to that text on the feed.

The church posts more in-depth photo galleries, graphics of quotes, videos and other such multimedia resources on its Facebook page.  The Conference will broadcast on the Church Internet Site, BYU-TV, KSL-TV and our own KCPX here in Moab at 1490AM.

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