Lands Group Recommends More Wilderness in San Juan Bishop Plan

June 17, 2015

sAN jUAN cOUNTY(Monticello Utah) (The Petroglyph) The Petroglyph on-line news service reports suggestions from the lands council board for San Juan’s Input into the proposed Bishop Lands Bill be so called Alternative to Plan B. Under that alternative, by lands council would wrap Cedar Mesa, Bears ears, Upper arch, and Hammond Canyon, Mikes Canyon Area and Indian Creek into National Conservation Areas. They further suggest to allow Mancos Mesa WAS, Butler wash WAS, Gravel Canyon WAS, and other areas should be turned into Wilderness. On line response to that plan suggests the county not adopt the modification and, perhaps, drop out of the Land Bill Effort altogether.into the energy corridor plans which is just part of agenda 21. Looks a lot like the plan Commissioner Adams proposed back in June 18, 2013 that everyone was upset about. This will negatively affect the San Juan County cattle and recreation industries and give the federal government even more control over this county. If this goes through and the county participates in Bishops lands grab we all need to just except the fact that we are surfs. There is no such thing as public land its FEDERAL LAND. If the county doesn’t oppose this entire bill we should thank them and the state for failing to protect our God given individual rights.

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