Heavy Rains, Flash Flooding, Tornadoes reported in SE Utah.

June 8, 2015

monumentvalleytornado>>Heavy Rains, Flash Flooding, Tornadoes reported in SE Utah.

(Moab-Blanding-Bluff) Scattered Heavy Thundershowers caused some localized flash flooding, rock slides and reports two twisters touching down in San Juan County and Grand County, Saturday. Rain fall amounts in excess of an inch an hour were reported in several locations including north of Arches and in the Blanding area. Residents sent pictures of two tornadoes briefly touching down on Comb Ridge south of Bluff and Near Montezuma creek in San Juan County Saturday. No reported damage. A rock wall partially collapsed, closing highway 95 at Comb Ridge Cut west of Blanding, Saturday. Normally placid or dry washes were flashflooding in both counties Saturday afternoon.


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