Hatch Says Obama Oversteps Bounds On Immigration Reform

November 20, 2014

hatch(Washington, DC)  —  Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch says the President is overstepping his bounds regarding immigration reform.  Hatch says that if Obama wants to create reform measures that will last, he needs to “go through the proper channels in Congress” rather than issue an executive order.  Obama is set to unveil executive actions on immigration reform tonight in a primetime speech set to start at eight o’clock, Eastern time.  In a video statement on Facebook, Obama said the nation’s immigration system is broken and the problem has been allowed to fester for too long. Hatch told NewsMax:He has a right to do whatever he wants to do, but he doesn’t have a legal right to do what he wants to do,”  “These are important issues — and it should unnerve every citizen that we have a president who, in some respects, is out of control.” “That is not a power that a president should have or does have,” Hatch said. “In a way, I think he’s just sticking his thumb in the eyes of everybody in this country.”

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