“Greater Canyonlands” Urged By Utah Health Professionals

July 23, 2014

Canyonlands2(Salt Lake City)- SomeUtah health professionals are adding their voices to the clamor for President Barack Obama to create a Greater Canyonlands national monument.Some 200 Utahns, ranging from doctors to dietitians to nonprofit managers, signed a letter that was sent Tuesday to Obama. It asks the president, who has signaled that he intends to set aside more monuments, to protect 1.8 million acres of public lands surrounding Canyonlands National Park. “Protecting this world-class landscape would not only preserve an area of unparalleled scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage,” the letter said, “it would also foster a healthy America.” The Greater Canyonlands Coalition, a collection of environmental groups, is inviting other health professionals from around the country to add their names to an online letter.

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