Grand County to Be Left in the Cold or Left Holding the Bag?

October 6, 2014

Grand County(Salt Lake City Utah/Moab) The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Grand County could be left at the station when the current 6 County Coalition proceeds with a proposed rail line development. Several eastern Utah counties are forming the state’s newest, and possibly largest, political subdivision. The so-called “Seven County Infrastructure Coalition” is meant to pool members’ clout and resources to develop regional projects. The first is a proposed $3 billion, 100-mile rail spur up and over and through the mountains of eastern Utah to move crude oil out of the Uinta Basin. But the coalition is leaving the station without Grand County, the prospective member most reliant on tourism and outdoor recreation. The Tribune reports that, while membership has the support of key county leaders, many in Moab view the coalition as a vehicle whose primary purpose is promoting yet more oil and gas development. Its unclear, when the Grand County Council will vote on joining the coalition. Othere counties in the coaltion seem united in moving forward, with or without Grand County.

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