Grand County Residents Pack Public Hearing on 7 County Deal

September 18, 2014

Mtg1panelMtg2crowd(Moab Utah) The Grand Center meeting Room was packed to capacity last evening as the County conducted a facilitated public meeting to answer questions about the County’s proposal to join a coalition of Eastern Utah Counties. Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald, at the end of hearing, told us of one his concerns:

The three hour meeting included previously submitted questions to a panel including Moab Mayor Dave Sakrison, Castle Valley mayor David Early, Uintah Commissioner Mike Mckee, Coalition Attorney Eric Johnson and Chairman of the Utah Transportation Commission Jeff Holt. Later, residents in the meeting were allowed to submit and vocalize questions, after being drawn from participation requests.  Attorney Johnson said the coalition is already created and operating, the issue is whether Grand County will join or not. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Sakrison said, speaking as a private citizen, that his experience has been it better to have a seat at the table.  Several citizens asked the County Council to again, delay action on joining until after the election. 4 Council members said they would not support a delay.

It appears the County Council, at its next regular meeting, schedule a vote on the issue at a future meeting.

Other issues raised in last night hearing included concerns about eminent domain powers of the coalition, the future of a proposed grand county road through the book cliffs and oil gas impacts.

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