Grand Council Again Delays Action on 7 County Deal

County Council(Moab Utah) Faced with continued opposition to a Grand County Government plan to join a 7 County Coalition, yestrday the Grand County Council again voted 4 to 3 to delay consideration of the move to join. On August 5th, the Council was also confronted by opponents and voted to delay until yesterday, a vote to join the 7 county infasatructure coaltion. San Juan, Emery, Carbon, Duschene, Uintah and Daggett counties long ago created and joined the coaltion. County COuncil Vice Chair Elizabeth Tubbs made the motion to delay, Ken Ballentine seconded it. Chairman Lynn Jackson said the 6 counties are moving with their plans, leaving Grand County out of the loop. Referring to personal atacks made on him in recent days, Jackson said, “I am not an evil person” He added, he believes in balance on issues. 11 area residents spoke against the issue and only 2 business operators in Moab spoke for the coalition. They said it would be better to be at the table rather than being left out as an outsider.Those opposing joining the coaltion questioned the vaugeness of the proposed agreement, fears that the coaltion could take power away from the county and could cost the county, financially and is a oil and gas development ploy. Opponent Bill Love saying…

Most of those speaking in opposition were known members or leaders of various area environmental groups The council will decide in the next few days on a schedule for a public discussion of the issue. One political observer said after the meeting that it appeared the council succomed to public clamorand that council has already gone beyond what is fair in allowing public input before a vote, pointing out that we are a republic and can control issues at the next council election.

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