Governor Invites Senate Monument Supporters to Come to Utah

August 7, 2014

220px-Gary_Herbert_cropSALT LAKE CITY — More Monument News this morning, Utah Governor . Gary Herbert invited the 14 U.S. senators who are asking the President to designate a Greater Canyonlands National Monument to come to Utah and see for themselves how the state can better manage its public lands. The Governor writes that he wants the senators urging the president to use his executive authority to create the monument to take a similar tour, “to see firsthand what we are doing to preserve these iconic vistas and venues, and optimize the use of our public lands.” At the same time, Republican members of Utah’s congressional delegation sent a letter of their own to Obama about the proposed designation. That letter asked the president to ignore calls for a national monument coming from a few environmental groups “and their allies in Congress who will never fully understand the needs of our constituents the way we do.” The Republicans also asked the President to respect the ongoing effort led by Congressman Rob Bishop, to develop a plan for managing public lands in Utah that will be introduced in the next Congress.

University of Utah political science professor Matthew Burbank said the invitation appears to be a “more polite way” for the governor to send the message that he and other state officials know what’s best for Utah.

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