Governor Herbert Criticizes Obama on Illegal Kids

July 23, 2014

220px-Gary_Herbert_crop(Salt Lake City)-Utah Gov. Gary Herbert joined in a letter with five other Republican governors Tuesday in calling on President Barack Obama to fix serious problems with the handling of unaccompanied children trying to immigrate into the United States without papers. Herbert joined Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the letter outlining problems they see in handling the crisis that they say could hurt their states.The GOP governors say they are: “concerned that there will be significant numbers who will end up using the public schools, social services and health systems largely funded by the states. More importantly, we are concerned that the failure to return the unaccompanied children will send a message that will encourage a much larger movement towards our southern border.” Not only does it create problems for states, they said, but “We fear that this will put a significant number of children at risk of abuse and neglect on their journey to the United States.”

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