Fracking Works, Says Governor

December 8, 2014

Oil WellSALT LAKE CITY — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said it is time to banish the “myths and misinformation” on fracking, pointing to the state’s clean environmental record stretching back more than 50 years. The Governor Says, “We’ve been doing a pretty good job in Utah,” adding, “But we need to have a good faith dialogue and discussion. There are a lot of myths out there and we need to separate fact from fiction.” Herbert’s remarks came last week, during the opening day of the National Governors Association’s second annual policy forum on shale development. “There’s not been one incident with fracking,” Herbert said, including soil or water contamination. “I think we are doing a good job.” Speaking of Utah’s dramatic growth in oil and gas development, The Governor says, “It is not just an economic benefit that comes with high paying good jobs particularly in rural parts of our country as is the case in Utah, but it is also a national security issue.”

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