Fidelity Hopes Pipeline Network Will Reduce Flaring of Excess Methane.

Oil Well(Moab Utah) Area environmentalists are expressing worry and concern over new pipeline plans by Fidelity Exploration. This all came about when Cane Creek Well 12-1, near Dead Horse Point, let loose. Without the aid of pumps or fracking, the oil just flooded out — more than 600,000 barrels in its first year, making it the nation’s most productive on-shore well in 2012. The oil bounty, however, includes unexpectedly large amounts of methane and other components of natural gas that Fidelity has to burn off because there is no way to get those fuels to market. To solve its delivery problem, the company proposes an intensive network of pipelines that is fueling an environmental backlash. Many see the oil pad as an economic boon for the county. The BLM analysis, for example, predicts Fidelity will drill another 52 wells on Big Flat, yielding enough gas to make the county $52 million over the field’s 30-year life. That’s on top of the 3,500 barrels of oil it is currently producing. Most of proposed new line would be underground. Oil and Gas industry observers say Grand County is sitting on a small energy boom that could be a significant enhancement to the local ecnomomy.

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