Family, Friends Rally in Support of Police Shooting Victim

August 13, 2014

salt lake police

(South Salt Lake City) Friends of a 20-year-old shot and killed by police flocked to a Salt Lake City 7-11 Tuesday night for a vigil. Dillon Taylor was with his brother and cousin Monday night and relatives say no one, including Taylor, was armed when the trio encountered Salt Lake City police. Wearing t-shirts saying “RIP” and holding flowers and balloons, more than 70 friends paid their respects to Taylor behind the 7-11 convenience store at 2100 South and State Street. Jerrail Tanner, the victim’s brother, says:

The last comment was Taylor’s Cousin. Police were responding to a man with a gun call and Salt Lake Officers were closer than South Salt Officer, in whose jursidiction the call came from. It’s unclear if Taylor was their suspect but he matched the description, police say. When the officers confronted the trio, they say two of them complied but Taylor walked away, listening to music on earphones. South salt Lake Police, Salt Lake Police and the District Attorney’s officer are conducting a joint investigation.

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