Dramatic Rescue Garfield County

September 29, 2014

Paria Rescue(Kodachrome State Park)- A Swift Water Rescue team pulled two people suffering from hypothermia out of the Paria River Saturday night after heavy rain caused the road to collapse and send their vehicle plunging into the water. 47-year-old Sussana Dursi and 62-year-old Roberto Bellocci of Italy were driving to a campsite in Kodachrome Basin State Park around 9 p.m. when the road collapsed. The vehicle went about 150 yards downstream and came to a rest upside down, “in the middle of the river” Deputy Clint Pearson responded, and as he approached he heard faint cries for help over the sound of rushing water. He used a spotlight to locate the two people stranded in the middle of the river.

The couple escaped with minor injuries and hypothermia.

The overnight rain made some Tooele County roads near Lone Rock impassible, prompting Tooele County search and rescue crews to help at least 40 people after they got stuck Saturday morning. Some of the vehicles got stuck up to the axles, while others rolled on their side on embankments.

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