Council Approves Joining Coalition, Opposition Vows to Keep Fighting

October 22, 2014

Council crowd(Moab Utah)- By a surprising 6 to 1 Vote, The Grand County Council voted to approve joining the 7 County Infrastructure Coalition. Yesterday’s action came after months of public hearings and several public comment periods. It was clear, the council was ready to act yesterday, not desiring the drag the issue out any longer. The lone negative vote was cast by Council Vice Chairperson Elizabeth Tubbs. Before the vote, Tubbs said it was clear to her that there are misconceptions in the public of what membership in the collation obligates the county for. She said she wanted to postpone the vote and called for a county wide referendum on the issue. She said a couple of hundred letters, most in opposition, may not represent the county. Chairman Lynn Jackson said much Of the opposition’s concerns are not born out in the document. He says coalition membership also will allow Grand County to bring issues to the organization.

24 persons made comments to the council three were in favor and 21 opposed. But one of those speaking in favor, Mel Hugentobler told the council that the opposition was trying to hijack the upcoming election, to turn it into a referendum on the issue. Following the vote, many of those attending shouted at the council and indicated upcoming elections may be telling. One said, you haven’t heard the last of this.


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