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SLC Ad Agency Gives Super Bowl MVP To Audi

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  A Salt Lake City ad agency says the best spot in this year’s Super Bowl belonged to Audi.  Employees and guests of the Richter 7 agency spent Sunday viewing and judging the ads played during the Super Bowl broadcast.  Their MVP award went to an ad from Audi that featured a dad talking about his daughter and making a point about equal pay for women.  A Kia ad featuring Melissa McCarthy came in a close second.

Refugee March Draws Thousands In SLC

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  Thousands of people are sending a message of support to refugees in Utah.  A huge crowd gathered in Salt Lake City Saturday for a rally and march near the State Capitol building.  Those attending chanted “immigrants are welcome here” as they moved up the steps and into the building.  The marchers were protesting President Trump’s executive order temporarily stopping refugee entry into the United States.

Former AG Swallow In Court Tomorrow

(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  The trial of a former Utah Attorney General accused of corruption is set to begin.  John Swallow will face 13 charges when his trial begins in Salt Lake City tomorrow.  Swallow resigned his position in 2013 after he was accused of helping to try to bribe a U.S. senator.  Swallow could face 30 years in prison if convicted.

Girl Sues Utah School District To Be Allowed To Wrestle

(Layton, UT)  —  A 14-year-old girl is suing the Davis County school district in hope of joining her junior high school’s wrestling team.  A federal judge could issue a temporary restraining order today that would allow Kathleen Janis to try out for the team at Central Davis Junior High.  Utah allows girls to compete for spots on high school boys’ teams under a federal law called Title Nine.  Janis says she should be allowed to try out in junior high so she won’t fall behind other wrestlers on the team.

Body Of Grantsville Teen Found In Tooele County

(Tooele, UT)  —  The body of a teen who went missing last week has been found in Tooele County.  The county sheriff’s office says the body of Johnathan Doerr was found yesterday on a back road near Interstate 80.  The location is about a mile from Energy Solutions, where Doerr was headed for a job interview last Thursday.  Investigators believe Doerr’s car got stuck in the snow and he died from exposure while trying to get help.

Man Killed From Truck Rollover

(Iron County, UT) — One person is dead and another injured from a rollover on State Road 56 in Iron County. Utah Highway Patrol says a pickup truck driven by a 20-year-old man flipped over sometime before 8 this morning about 30 miles east of Beryl. The 19-year-old victim killed was ejected. Neither was wearing a seat belt.

Bill Bans Panhandling On Busy Roads

(Salt Lake City, UT) — A bill banning pan handling on busy roadways is gaining momentum in the state legislature. The law would prohibit exchanging money or property from moving cars to people on any paved road with a speed limit of 35 and over. Republican Representative Steve Eliason says its written in a way as a to not infringe on rights of freedom of speech.

Press Release: GCHS student’s photo wins Congressional award


GCHS student’s photo wins Congressional award

Grand County High School senior Kirsten Broderick recently had one of her photographs win the First Place Award in the 3rd Congressional District art and photography competition. The piece, titled “Working Hands,” shows a pair of gloved gardener’s hands.

Broderick said she entered the picture in the 45th annual Utah All-State High School Art Show sponsored by the Springville Museum of Art. It was then chosen by Jennifer Andelin, who works for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

A framed copy of the print will hang in the U.S. Capitol throughout the coming year. Broderick said she will be traveling to Springville to receive her award on Feb. 4, after which she will later be flown to Washington, D.C. for the official opening presentation of the artwork.

More information about the U.S. Congress’ annual student art competition, along with pictures of winning art pieces from around the country, can be found at

Broderick said her piece is a combination of photography and post-production artistic effects.

“After taking the picture, I edited it in PhotoShop by adding a vignette and increasing the contrast and saturation,” she said.

Broderick added that winning the award has caused her to rethink her post-high school plans somewhat.

“My original plan after high school was to become a dental hygienist and run a photography business on the side,” she said, adding, “With the recent news, I have become undecided about what I want to do.”

Hikers Encounter Charging Moose In Ogden Canyon

(Ogden, UT) — A group of hikers is okay after encountering an upset moose on an Ogden Canyon trail. The group of more than a dozen hikers was charged by the moose early Saturday as they walked along Wheeler Creek. A dog apparently spooked the moose, which charged down the trail and forced the hikers to dive for cover. No one was hurt, but the moose blocked the way back to their cars, forcing the hikers to use a roundabout route to get to safety.

Herbert Supports Vetting, Not Sure Total Ban Is The Answer

(Salt Lake City, UT) — Governor Gary Herbert says he supports the idea behind President Trump’s refugee ban. The governor said Friday that the President’s executive order is designed to protect the U.S. from terrorists, which is an idea he thinks everyone supports. Herbert said that religion alone should not determine who can enter the U.S. But he does believe that we should know if refugees are a threat before letting them into the country.