Carroll Wins in Recount

November 21, 2014

VOTE(Moab Utah)-Diana Carroll has officially won re-election as Grand County’s Clerk/Auditor after final votes were tallied in a recount Friday morning, Nov. 21. The final tally was 1761-1754, with Carroll winning by 7 votes. During the recount, which took the greater part of  three days,  Chief Deputy Clerk Jana Smith told the canvass board Friday that several times, counters had to seek the advice of Mike Thomas of the Lt Governor’s Office.  Grand County officials recounted several times, by hand and machine. The problems in the recount, was the improper marking of ballots by several voters. In those cases., the voters has used “X’s” to mark the ballot, instead of filling in the small circles. Democratic Party Chairman Bob Greenwald, who observed both the election and the recount process, said he was satisfied with the through job the clerk’s office did.

Carroll  1761

Levine  1754

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