Carbon County Warns Feds

June 18, 2014

carbon county(Price Utah)-The Carbon County Commission recently passed a resolution declaring itself the sovereign authority within the eastern Utah county and that any attempt at law enforcement by a federal agent would be viewed as a “threat to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Carbon County.” The resolution, approved on June 5th,  also gives the Federal Government notice that the county will exercise its rights to enforce laws, and maintain its rights to access and travel. The resolution asserts that planning and zoning authority for all lands within its borders is an exclusive right of Carbon County.

The resolution further says that federal officials who intend to exercise law enforcement powers shall first declare to the county sheriff their intent to enter Carbon County and then get permission to do so.  Carbon County’s resolution, which passed the commission unanimously, was spearheaded by the county’s public lands director, Rex Sacco, who publicly opposed an attempt to put Nine Mile Canyon on the National Register of Historic Places.

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