Bush, Romney Meet in Utah

Romney(Salt Lake City Utah)-Two of the Republican Party’s top presidential talents met privately in Utah on Thursday, raising speculation they may have cut some sort of political deal. But those close to Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush said instead it was simply a cordial, political conversation between friends and potential rivals. Former Governor Mike Leavitt, a close Romney Advisor, said, “It has absolutely no strategic implications. Period,” “I think it is two people who know each other, who like each other, who have common interests and who realize they may be in an awkward place soon.” Bush flew into Salt Lake yesterday from Washington and told reporters the meeting wouldn’t be uncomfortable. After the meeting at an undisclosed location, possibly one of Romney’s two homes in the state, Bush aides wouldn’t shed any light on what was said. Leavitt, who didn’t attend Thursday’s meeting, said he does not know how long Romney may take to decide whether to launch a third campaign, but added, “I would be surprised if it was quick.”

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