Boy Scouts May Loose Faith Based Support

Are the days of religious groups’ involvement in the Boy Scouts numbered or will a pending vote on gay leadership give those who oppose it a workaround? Faith groups, some of which are key sponsors of Scouting troops, continue to mull next steps after the executive committee of the Boy Scouts of America unanimously adopted a resolution Friday(July 10) allowing its chartered organizations to choose adult gay leaders. But the BSA also said the change in policy would permit religiously chartered organizations to continue not doing so.Some faith leaders said their continued support for the BSA would hinge on that caveat The LDS Church said as much in a recent public statement. Four members of the church’s leadership, including President Thomas S. Monson, are on the national executive board that is scheduled to vote July 27 via conference call on whether to ratify the executive committee resolution. The LDS church has the largest Scouting youth membership of all the BSA religiously affiliated groups.scouts

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