BLM Treats Recapture Canyon as Crime Scene

ATV Protest(Blanding/Salt Lake City) The Bureau of Land Management has been treating Recapture Canyon like a crime scene following an ATV protest Saturday that went right through a closed trail. Megan Crandall with the BLM says:


“We did do an assessment of the cultural resources in the area prior to the event and we will be going over and taking assessment now to see if there is damage by conducting the fact that we had a number of ATVs in there.”

BLM closed the 14-mile stretch of trail to motor vehicles in 2007 in order to protect 2,000-year-old artifacts. The riders and San Juan county have been fighting it ever since — they say the trail belongs to the people. Crandall says the BLM has been working with the county over a long period to address re-routs and address the issue as a whole. It’s the seven years of waiting for a BLM decision that frustrates locals and land rights advocates. Legal experts say both sides have a constitutional argument. The BLM says they had plain-clothed officers at the canyon documenting who broke the law. The BLM said those people will be held accountable. According to the law, that could mean anything from a $1,000 fine to a year in prison.

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