BLM Probe of Defacing Rock Art Panel

May 28, 2014

NineMile07sPRICE, Utah — The Bureau of Land Management is investigating a popular rock art panel that was vandalized in 9 Mile Canyon over Memorial Day weekend. Federal officials are trying to find the culprit while a Carbon County property owner claims a teenager confessed the crime to him. The “pregnant buffalo” depicts a large bison with a bison fetus inside of it. It was carved between 900 and 1250 A.D., during the Fremont period, archeologists say. “It’s history written on the walls of the canyon by people that lived here 1,000 years ago,” said Steve Hansen, President of the 9 Mile Canyon Coalition. The historic significance is why archeologists are outraged that on Sunday someone carved their initials “JMN” and the date 5/25/14 next to it. BLM officials assessed the damage Tuesday and federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation.

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