Blanding Passes Strongly Worded BLM Resolution

(blandingcityoffices-bank-crop-u13710Blanding Utah)-The Blanding City Council last evening passed a strongly worded resolution denouncing the Bureau of Land Management’s Arbitrary Closure of Recapture Canyon, the Handling of the Recapture Canyon Protest, and Calling for the immediate Re-Opening of the Recapture Canyon Route. The resolution says the City has not only not been preeminent in BLM planning but has been ignored, stonewalled and defied in favor of outside interests. The resolution also says, The City of Blanding believes such conduct by the Bureau of Land Management amounts to an arbitrary disregard of the voice of Elected Officials and Citizens who are willing to take a stand against unreasonable and illegal actions by federal agencies. The strong wording of the resolution continues, quote “the Bureau of Land Management and the US District Attorney’s office have selectively chosen five individuals out of hundreds to charge with conspiracy and riding ATVs on a closed trail.  no resource damage was done and no charges were filed for resource damage, the City of Blanding believes this is an attempt to suppress the voice of elected officials and citizens who are willing to take a stand against wrongdoing by federal agencies;, unquote. The resolution asks the BLM and US Attorney drop all charges in the case and immediately lift the closure on Recapture Canyon.  The city resolution points out that under federal land policies Bureau of Land Management must embrace the position of Local Governments, as they are elected officials representing the citizens, as mandated by Section 202(c)(9) of the Federal Land Management Policy Act of 1976 as well as BLM Handbook H-1601, Sections C, D and E.

In last night’s action, the City of Blanding joins several Utah and Oregon counties and other local governments that have issued similar resolutions.

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