Blanding Considers Resolution Critical of BLM

blandingcityoffices-bank-crop-u13710(Blanding Utah)(The Petroglyph and The Blue Mountain Republic) -Blanding City may join a growing list of counties and other entities that have passed resolutions denouncing actions taken by the BLM and the federal government. Councilman Joe B. Lyman prepared a draft of a proposed resolution, which was presented by Councilman Robert Ogle, on Lyman’s behalf, at the meeting of the council on November 11. Although there was general support for the effort, Mayor Calvin Balch objected to certain parts of the resolution, indicating that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Balch indicated that although he disagreed with the way the BLM handled the closure of the Recapture Canyon road and the way the were dealing with individuals who were involved in the protest held on May 10. The resolution asserts that the BLM doesn’t have proper jurisdiction over the road, and that even if they did, their refusal to re-open the road violates their own rules concerning such emergency closures. As such, many who support denouncing the actions of the BLM don’t believe that the protesters who road into the supposed closed portion of the road were technically “in the wrong” in any way. Councilman Lyman plans to  address the mayor’s concerns during the upcoming council meeting on November 25.

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