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Primary Election Results


CITY COUNCIL (6 qualify)

Three progressive-leaning candidates for Moab City Council dominated today’s primary election, with top finisher Rani Derasary winning more than half of all votes cast, and well over twice as many votes as seventh-place candidate M. Bryon Walston, who was eliminated. According to pre-canvass votes from the City of Moab, Derasary won just under 500 of 885 votes cast, while Kalen Jones came in second with 472 votes, and Tawny Knuteson Boyd finished with 453 votes. The three conservative leaning canididates trailed in the qualification vote, tes will go on to compete in the Nov. 3 general election with Don Cook (317 primary votes), Kelly Mike Green (297 votes) and Christine “Cricket” White-Green (289 votes).

5 of 5 precincts reporting

Rani Derasary 498

Kalen Jones 472

Tawny Knuteson-Boyd 453

Don Cook 317

Kelly Mike Green 297

Christine White-Green 289

  1. Bryon Walston 214

Incumbents Kirstin Peterson and Gregg Stucki are not seeking re-election


CITY COUNCIL (6 qualify)

Joe B Lyman (inc) 321

Trevor Olsen 320

Kathrina Perkins 291

Ruth S Johnson 205

Travis Whatcott 172

Trent Herring 132

Emil Romero 114

Incumbents Kelly Laws and David Johnson are not seeking re-election 


CITY COUNCIL (6 qualify)

Blaine Nebeker 284

Sanford Randall 273

Nathan Chamberlain 174

Sarah English 157

Staci Lou Hoggard 121

Chris Baird 109

Eric George 87

Mike Thomason. 70

More Questions Than answers in River Pollution

ReyesAG(Durango Colo/Montezuma Creek Utah- Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes will meet with his Colorado and New Mexico counterparts Wednesday to talk about the legal, health and environmental implications of the Colorado mine spill. The three attorneys general will hold a news conference after the meeting in Durango, Colorado. Reyes had an “urgent” conference call with New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas on Monday and talked on the phone with Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman on Tuesday, according to Reyes spokeswoman Camille Anderson. “We hope to work with our sister states to ensure our citizens are protected and whatever remediation is necessary occurs as quickly as possible,” Reyes said in a statement. “We will continue to evaluate the legal issues as we receive data and monitor the effects on our communities.”  Reyes called it a “serious issue” that would require a lot of coordination with the governor’s office, state and federal agencies, counties, cities and others before any final decisions are made about legal action. In the meantime, The Navajo Nation is planning a lawsuit against the EPA.

>>Police Arrest Environmental Activists Protesting U.S. Oil Sands

Vernal Utah-Police say they’ve arrested four environmental activists for trespassing on land leased to U.S. Oil Sands.  Police arrested the protesters Monday during a demonstration involving 40 persons on the property in the remote Book Cliffs area in Uintah County.  The demonstrators were protesting on behalf of the environmental advocacy group Peaceful Uprising.  The group has spoken out against U.S. Oil Sands’ use of the land for mining, which they say will cause severe harm to the Upper Colorado River Basin. All four were cited and released from jail.

protest at tar sands


Public Information Release:
San Juan River Gold King Mine Contamination:
As of 2:00 p.m 8/10/2015. San Juan County Emergency Management will hand over water distribution to Navajo Nation Emergency Management and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. Water for Aneth, Montezuma Creek and Halchita will be hauled from neighboring communities to the storage tanks at the three affected communities the systems are currently on and officials are asking for people to conserve water. If you have any questions please contact NTUA Rex Kontz 602-300-1410, or Navajo Nation Emergency Management Harland Cleveland since the systems are on and operating the tanker at the Montezuma Creek Fire Station will be discontinued as of today.
Residents should not drink water, or allow livestock to drink water water and do not swim or raft in the San Juan River until the EPA clears the water for use.
The community water systems of Bluff, Oljato, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, and Navajo Mountain are not going to be affected by the contamination in the river.


Public Information Release:
San Juan River Gold King Mine Contamination:
As of 2:00 p.m 8/9/2015 It is anticipated that the contamination plume will arrive in our area in the early morning hours of 8/10/2015. The plume is thought to be 60 miles long and slow moving. With and estimated arrival at Lake Powell on 8/12/2015 at 5:00 p.m
Residents should not drink water, or allow livestock to drink water water and do not swim or raft in the San Juan River until the EPA clears the water for use. EPA is stating that an estimated 3 million gallons was released. NTUA has turned off the water pumps to Aneth and Montezuma Creek. Monday August 10th, 2015 10-4 San Juan County will have a water tanker stationed at the Montezuma Creek Fire Station for the residents of Aneth and Montezuma Creek to access water.The BLM will have a water tank at the Mexican Hat Fire Station at 12:00 8/10/2015 for the residents of Halchita. At this time the water is for human use only and residents will need to bring their own containers to fI’ll up. Do not bring tanks. Water is going to be limited to 25 gallons of water per family per day. We want to make sure that everyone will have access to water. Please be courteous and orderly when filling up your water bottles. The EPA at this time does not have enough information to determine when water services will be restored. Contact the School District directly for school openings.

Grand County Gets Lectured Over Mineral Lease Money

Grand County(Salt Lake City)- A member of the community Impact Board, Thursday, lectured Grand County representatives about their application for a grand and matching no interest loan to help with the 5 million dollars remodel plan for the Grand County Jail. They were refused….and the reasons given the Grand County Delegation are interesting.  County Councilman Lynn Jackson: (audio 1)

Jackson says the feeling he comes away with is…. (audio 2)

The County will reevaluate its plans.

Interior Secy Claifies National Monument Possibilities

CanyonlandsSALT LAKE CITY — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said she cannot rule out the possibility of the Obama administration creating a new national monument in Utah. “Monuments are up to the president,” Jewell said Thursday. “I will tell you that there has been interest in monument designations in Utah.”Jewell spoke to reporters at an event in Salt Lake City, where she announced a new private/public partnership to encourage kids to put down the video games and step away from screens and get outdoors. “I don’t control the president’s pen,” Jewell told FOX 13. “But I can tell you that we have been committed to a process of listening to multiple voices in all the monuments we’ve been creating.”

State to Sue Feds on Recapture Canyon

recaptureThe state of Utah plans to sue the federal government for access to Recapture Canyon, near Blanding. The state’s Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office (PLPCO) made the announcement Thursday. “PLPCO has filed a notice of intent to sue for access to approximately 12,000 RS2477 roads throughout the state,” said the office’s director, Kathleen Clarke, in a statement released to 2News. “As more evidence is gathered, claims will continue to be filed. One of those claims filed yesterday is Recapture Canyon in San Juan County.”


Interior Secretary Talks About Utah Monument Fears

jewellSALT LAKE CITY — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said flatly she doesn’t control President Barack Obama’s pen when it comes to any new monument designation in Utah, but she insists there’s no plan to sneak around Utah and create one under the “cloak of darkness.”  Jewell, in Salt Lake City for a Thursday announcement of a youth initiative with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, met with the editorial board of Deseret Media Companies on Wednesday to discuss sage grouse, monuments and other Interior department issues. Her presence in the state has been accompanied by a swirl of angst by Utah’s top politicians that a monument designation in Utah is a just an ink stroke away and comes the same day a much-touted Public Lands Initiative was flayed by Native American tribes. “Despite more than two years of dialogue with local stakeholders, we are concerned that the Public Lands Initiative Process and San Juan County have thus failed to reach out to, consult and respond to feedback from Tribes within or outside of Utah,” a letter from leaders of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition reads.

Their letter late Wednesday was a rebuttal to one sent earlier in the day by Utah’s entire congressional delegation to Jewell that implored her to let that process play out and refrain from any designation for Bears Ears, an area which spans 1.9 million acres in San Juan County.